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Agile Team Facilitation Training- Greater Efficiency, Tangible Results

Wherever he/she finds the gaps, they just fill the gaps by sharing ideas to create an environment open and safe. He thinks uniquely thereby he/she finds similarities wherever other people see differences to build bridges to consensus. Besides, the Agile Facilitator is responsible to keep every task on track. For that, they avoid detours, cut off short irrelevant discussions, and keeps a higher level of detail throughout the meeting. When it comes to the Agile team facilitator responsibilities, the very first responsibility is to guide the Agile team throughout the process with good execution right from beginning to end. However, the guidance is to be given to the team carefully through every step.

Agile team facilitation

If this is your first class with an ICAgile Member Organization, you’ll receive an email with a link to create your profile within ten business days of completing your class. Sign in to your new account and complete your post-class survey. After you submit your survey, we’ll issue and send your certification to your email address as a shareable PDF. A copy of your certification will also be available for download at any time from your My Certifications page. Relevant roles include ScrumMasters, Agile Project Managers, Agile Coaches, aspiring coaches, Product Owners, Business Analysts, and anyone with the desire to explore the power of facilitation. Retrospectives are one of the essential practices to ensure the team inspects and adapts its behavior and process.

For all of these, you should respond in advance to avoid such issues. Besides, the facilitator should appreciate the efforts of the members to bring the progress and results in the project. You should praise them well and often thereby encourage them to work more actively on the project. Also, it is the responsibility of the facilitator to avoid direct conflict between the members participating in the session.

Splitting User Stories – What it is and techniques used

We offer an extensive follow-up program to all our students including two sessions with a professional coach. These sessions are there to help you get on your feet as an Agile Coach, but if you wish, you may address a completely different challenge with your coach. It is up to you how you use these valuable moments with your coach. A lot of attention is given to the exchange of experiences and, above all, to the skills required to become a masterful facilitator in the Agile world. Between training days you will receive peer assignments and study material which will be discussed in the class.

Therefore, he/she steps in the session to give direct orders to the group towards a constructive resolution. Agile Fundamentals For professionals focused on software development and delivery.

Such environment is challenging in planning and managing group activities in an effective and efficient way. It is important for the team leader or scrum master to understand group dynamics and possess facilitation skills to effectively facilitate group activities. In this fast-paced course, you’ll develop a toolkit to coach, facilitate and lead your team more effectively.

  • Become an ISO/IEC certified information security implementer or auditor able to work in any organization.
  • For all of these, you should respond in advance to avoid such issues.
  • This course provides the essential team facilitation skills needed to lead teams towards greater agility.
  • I walk away from the course with a different perspective on how to interact with others.
  • Do not think or behave like a senior leader as they are the ones who explain to the team in what way they should work.

The Agile Coaching Workshop and our instructors are accredited by the International Consortium for Agile . When you complete this training, you will receive the ICAgile Professional Agile Team Facilitation Certification (ICP-ATF). In every organisation, when we consider good teams they have employees who have exceptional self-organizing and personal skills. However, when we consider forming Agile teams, expectations are exponential . The true definition of business agility is a company’s ability to adapt and respond in a dynamic marketplace.

Our Online Trainings in Agile:

Engage teams in collaborative processes that allow all voices to be heard so that outputs are more effective. Many participants describe their experience in this course as transformational, seeing a new way of leading their teams. Facilitation cannot be taught in a traditional classroom setting alone. It is a practice that is best learned through doing and learning.

Agile team facilitation

Enterprise Agile Coaching Develop enterprise coaching capabilities that enable business agility. Improve business processes by understanding organization structure and design. Our experienced coaches have invaluable experience and an absolute passion for growing leaders and teams.

How do you facilitate in agile?

The facilitator isn’t the one who should be making the decisions for the team. Facilitation, as we know the general meaning of the term, is to facilitate something. Acting or potential leaders of Agile teams, project leads and project managers. Do not think or behave like a senior leader as they are the ones who explain to the team in what way they should work. Rather, it would be better to create an atmosphere where an open discussion can be encouraged to share diverse ideas among the team members.

Agile team facilitation

At the end of the training, each participant is invited to a closed group on Slack, where they can ask the trainers any questions, as well as learn about exclusive offers. We provide author’s training courses accredited by the International Consortium for Agile , as well as licensed by Scaled Agile Inc, Kanban University, Management 3.0 and etc. During the lesson, we use Google Draw and Miro as tools for performing various tasks, so we visualize all our games and exercises and achieve the highest possible involvement, which characterizes our offline trainings.

Retrospectives can either help the team continuously improve or can create team dysfunctions. Explore and practice the art of planning, designing and conducting effective collaborative sessions. Explore how to design an outcome-oriented facilitated session that is collaborative and meets desired outcomes.

What is Agile Facilitation and What are its Roles and Responsibilities?

Passionate about Agile, we work together as a team to deliver meaningful change for our clients. We make it our mission to inspire change with our enthusiasm and knowledge of Organizational Agility. I have recently had the pleasure to complete the Agile Team Facilitation certification course led by Tadej. His way of creating a space for everyone to share their experiences is invaluable. TeamCatapult has been conducting online courses since 2015, so we’re well-equipped to meet the expectations you have for online learning.

Only the facilitator of the Agile team can fulfill the requirements of present Project Managers and other members of the team. The facilitators have been trained to run meetings effectively to produce better results in the very end. Therefore, if you want to become a good facilitator of Agile, you should pursue an Agile facilitation course so that you can be equipped with potential Agile skills and abilities.

Agile team facilitation

In this article, we discuss facilitation theory and structure, who facilitators are, as well as their key skills, techniques, and responsibilities. Above all, it’s a deep exploration into what precisely an organization needs to change to be more responsive and more value-driven. Indeed, this certification agile team facilitation basic rules is very much the nuts and bolts of extending agility to the whole enterprise. This course is intended for experienced agile practitioners who would like to develop their skills and knowledge to effectively facilitate the values, principles, practices and techniques in an agile team.

Agile Team FaciliTation WILL ENABLE YOU TO…

So, with more trust within a team, comes more effectiveness, better solutions…and more options. We love to hear more about you, your company or team and learn how to adapt our services to your specific needs. We will send you an invitation to join our Zoom conference room by email. If you have never used Zoom before, we recommend you open this window a couple of minutes before the session starts so you can download the application if your browser requires this. You can then keep the window open untill your trainer opens the classroom and the session begins. You will receive your ICP-ATF certificate at the end of our course.

When you successfully complete your class and your post-class survey, you’ll earn a certificate that you can share with employers and your professional network. Certificates are downloadable PDFs configured for uploading and sharing on LinkedIn. You’ll need to actively participate in a live class to earn this certification. The process of enrolling for this classroom training is simple. The payment can be made through different options by using a debit/credit card which includes MasterCard, Visa Card, American Express or PayPal.

Earn this certification

As a result, there is a greater need for communication and Agile facilitation techniques that increase creative collaboration. The training was really helpful, I learned a lot about designing sessions and dealing with peoples behaviors. Therefore, you should identify the congestion earlier to avoid confrontations among the team members as it could lead to the failure of the project. As a facilitator, you must identify certain risks earlier and prepare to provide them with the right suggestions. The main Agile facilitator role is to help the Agile leader plan meetings within the enterprise. However, the facilitator only interferes when asked or if the participants cannot handle the situation that occurs in the session.


If you’ve ever felt frustrated by the inability of stakeholders to make decisions relating to prioritisation, Buy a Feature is a great technique for getting people talking about it. Liberating Structures are designed to embrace distributed control and include a fairer, larger number of people in shaping the next steps. Innovation, inclusion, participation, clarity, purpose, fun… you’ll see when you experience them. Building more autonomy, mastery, and purpose will make your workforce be more productive and effective.

Agile team leaders or aspiring team leaders with a passion for servant leadership and a desire to learn and practice the art of facilitation in the context of team facilitation and coaching. Relevant roles include Scrum Masters, Agile Project Managers, Agile Coaches and aspiring coaches, Product Owners, Business Analysts, and anyone with the desire to explore the power of facilitation. The role of an agile team facilitator is diverse and these are just some of the innumerable techniques that you can use to be an effective agile facilitator and you can believe us when we say that there are many more. This course provides the essential team facilitation skills needed to lead teams towards greater agility.

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