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Jersey Maintenance

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1. Use a utility sink to remove any dirt off the surface.

2. Sort t-shirts by fabrics and colors: it is important to separate dark colors from light ones.
If possible, wash jersey alone.
3. Wash the shirts inside out, so that the print does not rub against the washing machine drum.
4. Wash in cold water: no more than 30ºC.
5. Do not dry clean.
6. When drying and ironing it is also important to keep some things in mind for the durability of the personalized shirt:
   * Do not use a dryer and always have the shirts inside out.
   * Do not wring the shirts or dry them on the radiator.
  * Always iron inside out at a maximum of 110ºC and avoid using steam.
  * Hanging clothes as soon as the washing machine finishes will make ironing easier. Do not expose to direct sunlight.
Both screen printing and digital printing are high-quality printing techniques, and with due care your garments will last for years and years
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